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Wow!  Just wow!

I showed up a bit after 9:00 on a recent Thursday morning and was not surprised to see cars lined up in our parking lot. For about a dozen years on Thursday mornings, a group of dedicated women have met to tidy up, sort and organize clothes and household items. They have made a dramatic difference in how we manage and display the clothes in our showroom. Their gifts of time and hard work are their way of giving back to our community and to those who for one reason or another need our help. They each say their lives have been blessed by the opportunity to serve others. Wow! Talk about dedication!

As I walked up to the front of our building I saw a young woman waiting near the door to drop off a donation. I gladly let her in and as-sisted her with several bags of hygiene items. Not knowing who she was I introduced myself and I asked how she found us and why she brought us a donation. “Oh, I know all about what you do here because I used to come here when I needed help. I now have a job and wanted to make a donation so you could help others.” Looking at her small white Toyota and hearing her story about working the swing shift at Northern Quest Casino I knew that that the $100 she had spent at Walmart was a significant sacrifice on her part. Wow! Did she warm my heart with her generous gift? I’ll say she did!

That afternoon I went into the room in the back of the building where we sort donated clothes. Sofiya, who came to Spokane from east-ern Ukraine 11 years ago, was hard at work sorting clothes that were scattered before her on a table. As she looked up, her soft smile reflected her joy of working with the other volunteers in the room. Years ago she had also come in for clothing when she needed it and today she shares her gift of time and hard work with us one afternoon every week. Wow! How great is that?!

But it isn’t just on Thursday that giving back happens. It is every day of the week. I truly could fill this newsletter with story after story about others who also make a difference by giving back. I am constantly in awe of the terrific volunteers and donors supporting Mission Community Outreach Center; each doing their part by giving back their gifts of time, donations, financial support and prayers. How blessed we are to have so many who care so much about helping those in need. Wow! May we all continue that same passion to serve others in need!

God Bless,

Bob Fisher